A Meta-Podcast for dentists

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There are more magazines, forums, podcasts and books about dental practice management than you can ever hope to consume.  The Shared Practices Podcast distills these resources into a straightforward, organized curriculum to teach you the business fundamentals you need to run a practice.  Instead of covering random topics, our episodes are organized into seasons where we ask multiple experts about the same subject, giving you a deeper understanding and specific best practices to implement in your dental office.  Eventually these seasons will serve as a roadmap to take a dentist through the journey of starting/acquiring a practice, diagnosing practice deficiencies, leading a team, growth through marketing and eventual financial independence.  

A comprehensive roadmap like this doesn't exist anywhere else in dentistry and we're excited to build it with your help.  If you have questions you want us to answer or recommended guests, please reach out to us by signing up for our newsletter.  

Upcoming Guests  

|   Reese Harper CFP   |   Dr. Tarun Agarwal (AKA T-Bone)   |   Andre Shirdan   |   Jason Patrick Wood   |   Dr. Shawn Van De Vyver   |   Dr. Scott Leune   |   Sandy Pardue   |   Dr. Howard Farran   |