Looking to Buy a Practice?

We are in the process of looking for more practices to list on this page. If you are in the process of buying a practice, let us know and we can help. We can cater our search in areas where we know we have people looking. Naturally we come across practices all over the country, we'll think of you if we find something in your area.

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At Shared Practices our mission is to navigate the path to successful practice ownership. Part of that process includes identifying and pursuing ownership opportunities. On our podcast we teach our audience to analyze opportunities objectively. As an extension of that we felt it would further aid our audience to identify opportunities that are worth exploring. In order to do this we had to define what is an opportunity that we felt would be worth further investigation. Our objective is to locate these opportunities and share them with our audience on this page. In order to meet our criteria a practice must exhibit the following criteria:

  • Minimum Revenue: 450k
  • Minimum hygiene percentage: 20%
  • Purchase Price: No more than 2.5x Gross Income (prior to debt service, doctor compensation and taxes). 

If interested in an opportunity below, contact George@sharedpractices.com . Reference the listing number to identify the correct opportunity. George will connect you with the correct individual to further pursue the opportunity. 


We have identified the following opportunities. Opportunities organized alphabetically by state:


Tucson, AZ (SP1)

  • Revenue: 1.01 M
  • Overhead: 640k (63%)
  • Gross Income: 370k
  • Hygiene %: 25%
  • EBITDA: 142k
  • Purchase Price: 689k
  • Net Income Multiple: 1.86x
  • EBITDA Multiple: 4.85x

Tucson, AZ (SP2)

  • Revenue: 505k
  • Overhead: 313k (62%)
  • Gross Income: 190k
  • Hygiene %: 33%
  • EBITDA:  90k
  • Purchase Price: 390k
  • Net Income Multiple: 2.04x
  • EBITDA Multiple: 4.34x

Tucson, AZ (SP3)

  • Revenue: 560k
  • Overhead: 270k (48%)
  • Gross Income: 290k
  • Hygiene %: 25%
  • EBITDA: 165k
  • Purchase Price: 390k
  • Net Income Multiple: 1.33x
  • EBITDA Multiple: 2.35x


Central Idaho (Sp8):

  • Revenue: 594k
  • Overhead: 389k (65%)
  • Gross Income: 205k
  • Hygiene %: 21 %
  • EBITDA: 65k
  • Purchase Price: 300k
  • Net Income Multiple: 4.6x
  • EBITDA Multiple: 1.46x


Southern Oregon, Partnership Opportunity:

  • Partnership Buy-in Price: 675k
  • Partner Projected Income: 275k
  • Net Income Multiple: 2.45x


Las Vegas (Sp9):

  • Revenue: 1.995M
  • Overhead: 1.4M (71%)
  • Gross Income: 568k
  • Hygiene %: 30%
  • EBITDA: 151k
  • Purchase Price: 1.39M
  • Net Income Multiple: 2.44x
  • EBITDA Multiple: 9.14x

NEw MExico

Las Cruces (SP4)

  • Revenue: 460k
  • Overhead: 255k (56%)
  • Gross Income: 202k
  • Hygiene %: 35%
  • EBITDA: 112k
  • Purchase Price: 300k
  • Net Income Multiple: 1.47x
  • EBITDA Multiple: 2.67x

NE New Mexico (SP5)

  • Revenue: 769k
  • Overhead: 437k
  • Gross Income: 331k
  • Hygiene %: 29%
  • EBITDA: 167k
  • Purchase Price: 500k
  • Net Income Multiple: 1.5x
  • EBITDA Multiple: 2.98x


Philadelphia, PA (SP 10)

  • Revenue:  625k
  • Overhead: 460k
  • Gross Income: 165k
  • Hygiene %: 25.6%
  • EBITDA: 25.5k
  • Purchase Price: 340k
  • Net Income Multiple: 2.0x
  • EBITDA Multiple: 13x


Salt Lake City (SP6)

  • Revenue: 1.0 M
  • Overhead: 540K (54%)
  • Gross Income: 462k
  • Hygiene %: 24%
  • EBITDA: 233K
  • Purchase Price: 975k
  • Net Income Multiple: 2.11x
  • EBITDA Multiple: 4.19x

East Utah (SP7)

  • Revenue: 449k
  • Overhead: 242k (54%)
  • Gross Income: 206k
  • Hygiene %: 20%
  • EBITDA: 98k
  • Purchase Price: 323k
  • Net Income Multiple: 1.57x
  • EBITDA Multiple: 3.28x


Southern Seattle, Partnership Opportunity:

  • Partnership Buy-in Price: 890k
  • Gross Income: 432k
  • Net Income Multiple: 2.06x