Episode Resources

To further accelerate your path to practice ownership we provide episode resources when applicable with our podcast episodes. All the resources we have provided in previous episodes are conveniently located below. We will do our best to send you future resources when the episode is released for your convenience in addition to updating this page. 


Practice Purchase Financial Analysis

Our most popular episode resource to date. This spreadsheet allows you to plugin data about a potential practice purchase. The spreadsheet will organize the information and present it in a clear-concise manner. This spreadsheet is a must when looking at assessing the financials of a practice purchase.  

Demographics Guide

Advanced Demographics Guide

The Advanced Demographics Guide dives deep into demographics and assessing local competition. If you want to practice in a "saturated" area, this guide illustrates ways to find areas of opportunity. The Guide focuses more on the practice purchase but can easily be applied for a startup. 

Ebook Cover

George Hariri's FREE eBook

Acquiring your first dental practice can have such a huge impact on the trajectory of your career. George Hariri has written an eBook that explains the importance of finding the ideal dental practice. George walks you through the lessons he has learned with real life examples and teaches how you can find the perfect practice! Click the link below to get your FREE copy!