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When you sign up for Coaching at Shared Practices, you’re paired with a dedicated coach who gives you guidance on all things practice ownership. Whether you’re a seasoned owner looking for help or a pre-owner who’s just getting started, your coach keeps you focused and motivated.

Included in your Coaching program is our Mastermind! This is an active and growing community of practice owners aggressively growing and maximizing all aspects of their lives.

Why 1-on-1 Coaching?

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Personalized Service

Our one-on-one coaching methods give doctors the guidance they need to practice with confidence while trusting us to help put the necessary pieces together.

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Leadership & Training

From enhancing your leadership skills to training and development of your staff, our team makes sure everyone on your team is performing their role to the best of their ability.

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Strategic Implementation

Implement strategies and partnerships that move the needle while optimizing time, energy and output of extremely busy doctors.

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Owner Mastermind

Gain access to exclusive community chat channels, essential quarterly meetings, VIP CE pricing, endless resources, and bonus practice management services.

Owner Mastermind

Ensure practice success by engaging with a crew of like minded dentists working towards the same goal of maximizing practice ownership. 4 Quarterly Mastermind Summits.


The best mode of learning and accountability to keep you on track for your practice ownershp goal is to engage with other's in your shoes.


Learn from the Shared Practices team inside our Mastermind Quarterly Summits.


Let the team review your potential deals and offer feedback on valuation, negotiation, structure and finance.

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Not ready for Coaching + Mastermind yet?

Start with attending Analytics Based Practice Management

The WHAT, WHY, HOW of the Shared Practices ownership philosophy

Using your unique skillset, past experiences, and goals to determine next steps.

Analytics Based Strategies

Learn the strategies to predictably and effectively grow your private practice.

Practice Infrastructure and Execution

Implement the WHAT and HOW to reap the rewards of explosive practice growth in the first 12-18 months of ownership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What is the Mastermind?

Shared Practices Mastermind is a group of pre-owners who meet regularly to give guidance, advice, and support.

The ultimate goal of the mastermind is to: help dentists navigate complex and difficult business challenges using the collective experiences and knowledge of a larger group. You'll find the most bang for your buck from engaging with your fellow Mastermind members.

How long is the membership for?

Membership is ongoing, month to month. As long as you'd like to be a part of this communities journey.

Who is the Mastermind for?

The Mastermind is built for people who are committed to the learning the process of growing a dental practice. Whether you're a new or seasoned practice owner. This Mastermind is for you.

It's for those who:
Are looking to quickly learn and expand their knowledge around growing in all areas as a practice owner
Want to network with other top performers
Need guidance, advice, & support for their journey through practice ownership

What is your cancellation policy? Any refunds?

You can cancel at any point throughout your membership. We do not offer refunds, here's why, don't commit to this unless you are ready to follow through. The content here is incredibly valuable but you are the most important part to the equation. Commit, engage, and learn. This isn't for the uncommitted.

What is your cancellation policy? Any refunds?

You can cancel at any point throughout your membership. We do not offer refunds, here's why, don't commit to this unless you are ready to follow through. The content here is incredibly valuable but you are the most important part to the equation. Commit, engage, and learn. This isn't for the uncommitted.

About Us

Shared Practices exists because dentists are missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime, and we create financially independent practice owners, while empowering the dental community for future generations.

DISCLAIMER - You are the determining factor in your success with Shared Practices. We will teach methods and strategies. We are not telling you to buy a specific practice, offering financial, legal, or accounting advice. Please seek support from our internal attorney, accountant, or any other professional support needed before purchasing any practice.

Hear What our clients have to say

"Team meetings with my coach are so impactful. I think that hearing the message from multipleangles, from the perspective of a former Office Manager instead of just the Doctor, helps somuch. The meetings are so helpful!"

Dr. Jesspreet Parmar

"Coaching has been wonderful. Not only has my coach helped me gain clarity in my vision for my practice and my life, but she’s been integral to helping execute on the vision and hold me accountable for key growth targets. I would highly recommend!"

Dr. Derek Cornetta

"I decided to start coaching with Shared Practices after listening to the podcast, getting ready topurchase my first dental practice, knowing it needed to grow, but having no idea how to do it orwhere to start. I started off working with Suzanne for a brief time as I was doing my duediligence for the practice I ultimately purchased. She was so knowledgeable and patient with allmy questions. I knew the practice needed some changes, but I had a hard time knowingwhere to start and how to make those changes happen. Suzanne reassured me that is whatthey do best and she was right! Once I purchased my practice and was ready for one-on-onecoaching, I was paired up with a coach. She has been amazing so far. We have only beenworking together for about three months, but it honestly feels like we’ve been workingtogether forever. She has become more than just my coach. She is part of our dental team aswell as a friend. Traci has pushed me out of my comfort zone to really help me and the practicegrow. I have had to make some financial decisions that have put pits in my stomach, but now Iam so happy I have made them. I love seeing the growth my practice has had in just four shortmonths and I am super excited to see where we can take this practice in the future. I couldn’thave done it without the Shared Practices coaching program."

Dr. Amanda-Remer Chang

Working with my Shared Practices coach has been crucial throughout my ownership journey. My coach has helped me have confidence in every decision I make for my practice, whether big or small. She's guided me through tough conversations and prepared me for things I didn't see coming. Having frequent check-ins keeps me on track and is something I need. It is easy to push things aside when you don't want to face them. I am thankful for the coaching and community I have at Shared Practices and look forward to continuing the path of personal and professional growth alongside them!

Dr. Hannah Glasunov

I’m a recent grad and in my first year of practice ownership. Working with Shared Practices coaching has been one of the keys in the success I’ve been able to obtain so far and has given me a great strategic road map going forward. Having someone on your side, with the same mindset as you, IS invaluable.

Dr. Jeremy Morgan

My Shared Practices coach has been an absolute asset for our practice. The coaches have been through what you’re going through and can point out your blind spots. They have the resources to help set up your systems and will meet with your team even without you present (honestly that might be the best thing a coach can do for you). The coach will keep you on track and accountable while moving your practice toward your goals. If you’re on the fence, you should100% bring one of the Shared Practices coaches on board.

Dr. Evan M.

I am so happy with my experience coaching with Shared Practices. I really enjoy working with my coach, because she provides valuable insight and experience which is coupled with raw data of the practice. I love that my coach schedules meetings with the team so that they can assist with training the team directly. My team has also have really loved having the opportunity to get coached during the week. Since I have started coaching, my overall production is going up and we are finding more lost opportunities. The office is starting to run like a business, and my coach spots problems that I am not even aware of. There is no way I would be able to find the issues that the coach does, as quickly as they do. Being coached is accelerating my profitability and efficiency.

Dr. Erin Cho

I acquired a $30k/m practice 6 months ago and we doubled our revenue within 6m. At the moment, I work clinically 2 days a week, provide staff training for 1 day a week and my wife/associate dentist works another 2 days a week, Shared Practices helped me build a sustainable system and promoted growth in my practice. My coach has guided me in the right direction and helped me tremendously to understand practice statistics, staff training and implementation. Going from a $30k to a $60k system is very difficult and signing up for the coaching service has made the transition so much easier. I would recommend Shared Practices coaching services for those who look for exponential growth. You will be connected with like-minded talented people across the States, who are willing to share and help you to grow your business.

Dr. Hiep Pham

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