Pre-Owner Services

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Acquire with confidence

Get help finding, funding and buying your dream practice

From exploring and properly vetting your opportunities to preparing for a smooth and seamless transition, we can make your practice acquisition a breeze.

Why work with SP?

By collecting all the relevant data and presenting it clearly, we give you the confidence to make the most educated decision. Plus, we stick with you post-purchase to ensure you're ready for the next stage.

What you’ll get

  • Assistance with practice identification
  • Assistance with practice purchase
  • Foundation coaching after acquisition
the leadership team sitting on the couch together

Phase 2: Practice Purchase

You’re ready to buy and we’re here to make it happen. Keep in mind, there's a lot to consider when transitioning a practice.

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Communication of Transition

There’s an art to transitioning from one doctor to another. We help make it seamless for your team and your patients.

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Buyer’s Preparation

As the new owner, you’ll have to acquaint yourself with the practice. We’ll help you prepare for the transition to your new role.

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Everything you need operationally — hiring. employee handbooks and manuals, back-end systems —we can help you get ahold of it all.